Hi y’all! I’m McKinley and this is my blog for AP Literature. I’ve never written a blog before but I hope it will help me grow as a writer. I am so excited for senior year and I can’t wait for all of the opportunities in store. After high school, I hope to go to John Brown University in Arkansas and study English. Siloam Springs, AK is just a stone’s throw away from my family in Oklahoma and I am really looking forward to starting a new chapter there. I love all aspects of music; it is an outlet for me. I hope to continue to hone my skills throughout the year. I also have a huge heart for animals of all kinds, especially horses. I am most at home working and spending time with them.

I love literature because it fascinates me. I love the new and old perspectives it portrays, the minds of authors and readers alike. I agree wholeheartedly with Carl Sagan’s quote that “Books are proof that humans are capable of magic.” It’s hard for me to pick a favorite book, so I’ll settle with just two. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books of all time; Markus Zusak is a genius author. I love this book not only for its loveable characters, but also for its rawness. It had a lot of influence over my thoughts toward literature and its purpose, as well as my writing style and goals for my own works. My other favorite is the original Sherlock Holmes stories, though I guess that makes it more than two. I am fascinated by the character Sir Author Conan Doyle created and the genre he deeply explored and expanded. His stories are the first books that I emotionally invested myself in. Outside of these I love acres of books, and my to-be-read list is even longer.

I look forward to sharing senior year with you all and I can’t wait for all the ideas, stories, and concepts we will explore!

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