Aspen Trees

She was a zealous bookworm, say the piles of books tumbling off their shelves in the corner. She was a cluttered girl, say the less than useless trinkets scattered around the room. And an aspiring artist,      say the countless pencils, pastels, and paintbrushes,      the unfinished pieces stacked on the dusty drawing... Continue Reading →

New Historicism

The popular, endearing film Zootopia is brimming with symbols and analogies in all kinds of capacities. From political motions to cultural characteristics to racial interactions to subtle criticism of the DMV, the movie is not only a wonderful story, but also an illustration and commentary of current American society. It is a reflection of the time... Continue Reading →

Crime and Punishment

Disclaimer: I made nicknames to help keep track of some of the characters, so I might use those instead of the actual names. While this book was rather intense, and some sections were hard to get through, I really enjoyed reading Crime and Punishment. When I initially started thinking about what I was going to... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017

This summer saw several milestones in my life. I started my first job, got my license, and bought my own vehicle, to name a few. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, as well as my family, and making new memories to cherish. But I think what I most enjoyed was... Continue Reading →

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