Summer 2017

This summer saw several milestones in my life. I started my first job, got my license, and bought my own vehicle, to name a few. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, as well as my family, and making new memories to cherish. But I think what I most enjoyed was volunteering at the Harmony Equine Center every week. The Harmony Equine Center is part of the Dumb Friends League and is a rescue for neglected and abused horses. I absolutely love spending time and working with horses. Since I am so far away from my own, volunteering here is a way for me to get my ‘horse fix’ for the week. But it has become so much more than that. I am able to help offer hope to these horses who have never been around humans or who have only been mistreated by them. I am part of something bigger than myself, something that has a far-reaching effect. It is amazing to see the changes that occur in the horses, their personalities, their behavior. Horses that are scared of us at first crowd the gate to greet us after a few weeks. They all have such beautiful personalities. I think, often, they are as much therapy to me and my team as we are to them.

I have gotten attached to so many of the horses. I call several of them by name when I visit them. It’s difficult having favorites when I know that, hopefully, they are all going to be adopted one day. It’s a very bittersweet experience, especially with two of my favorites Cadillac and Finnick. But so far it has always been worth it.

My absolute favorite horse right now is named Plano. She usually greets me and follows me along the fence. She is the cutest, sassiest little bay mare but is sweet as sugar, especially when I sneak snacks to her. Which I probably shouldn’t do, but shh that’s beside the point. Heaven knows I would take her home in a heartbeat. I realize this is probably boring to most of you, but I just love her. She also holds still for pictures, which is a luxury considering the other rapscallions.


I took this picture the day Finnick went to his new home.


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  1. Awe that sounds so amazing! That’s so cool you could do something so big over summer. You are doing something so big for those horses by showing them love. Just so you know, I was not bored reading this. Overall though, your summer sounded amazing.


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