Mirror, Mirror

One of my favorite things about literature, and there are many, is that it serves as a mirror for us as humans. After all, "we read to know we are not alone" ~ C.S. Lewis. We are not alone in the human condition. Unfortunately, while that elysian mirror can show us our strengths, our power,... Continue Reading →

To Dream or Not to Dream

To dream or not to dream-- that is what everyone must decide: Whether 'tis nobler to risk the fall to fly, to work, to fight, to dance, to reach, to die.* Or to risk the label 'fool,' to be a child, to hope. To dream is to accept the perception childish, foolish. But to dream... Continue Reading →


Okay Hamlet dear. This advice isn't universal, and parts of it will probably hurt you more than help you, because grief isn't universal. We all share the human condition, similar experiences, similar emotions, similar perceptions at times, but we all react differently, and regardless of how parallel our conditions may be, we ourselves are not... Continue Reading →

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