Memories Like Stones

I have always loved collecting rocks, even from the time I was a little kid. It drove my mother crazy. Now, I have four coffee cans and at least five other miscellaneous containers full of rocks that I have no idea what to do with. They take up a surprising amount of space. But don't... Continue Reading →

Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me, It's not your fault. You were so soft. I can see it all in your eyes as you take every bit of blame to heart. Every bit of blame that didn't belong to you. Sweet child, I can still see you holding that letter. Holding it like an eggshell, your fingertips barely... Continue Reading →

Be the First

So it's second period block and I'm supposed to be working on an essay about the government and the economy. But since I procrastinate on writing essays by writing other things, here I am, not doing my gov. essay. This state is my form of senioritis, so, you know, it could be worse. But we... Continue Reading →

Burden of the Open Heart

Since my other poem was scathing enough that I burnt my fingers rereading it, I decided to write another one that I hope is much more tender. Take up the burden of an open heart-- Though heavy and painful it may be. Kindness is life-giving. Selflessness, hope. But at extremes these acts come at a... Continue Reading →

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