Ironic Tension

Although familial relationships are supposed to be ones of love and respect, Alice Walker, in her novel┬áThe Color Purple, portrays an ironic relationship of defiance and trust between Celie and Harpo. Harpo seems to regard himself as superior to Celie, even though she is his stepmother. He specifically asks her "How come you stubborn?" as... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Grecian Urn

Y'all, I gotta get this procrastination thing under control. Senior project presentations are in less than one week (I know you didn't need that reminder) and guess what I'm doing instead of finishing our website. Yay. But I really like this poem from John Keats, and I feel like it kind of fits in with... Continue Reading →

Memories Like Stones

I have always loved collecting rocks, even from the time I was a little kid. It drove my mother crazy. Now, I have four coffee cans and at least five other miscellaneous containers full of rocks that I have no idea what to do with. They take up a surprising amount of space. But don't... Continue Reading →

Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me, It's not your fault. You were so soft. I can see it all in your eyes as you take every bit of blame to heart. Every bit of blame that didn't belong to you. Sweet child, I can still see you holding that letter. Holding it like an eggshell, your fingertips barely... Continue Reading →

Be the First

So it's second period block and I'm supposed to be working on an essay about the government and the economy. But since I procrastinate on writing essays by writing other things, here I am, not doing my gov. essay. This state is my form of senioritis, so, you know, it could be worse. But we... Continue Reading →

Burden of the Open Heart

Since my other poem was scathing enough that I burnt my fingers rereading it, I decided to write another one that I hope is much more tender. Take up the burden of an open heart-- Though heavy and painful it may be. Kindness is life-giving. Selflessness, hope. But at extremes these acts come at a... Continue Reading →

Eyes Like Snakes

*Disclaimer: this is not directed at any boys in AP Lit. Y'all are actually wonderful.* Take up the young man's burden- Send forth your finest stock, Best in appearance and silver tongue, Not in heart or respect or honor. Men who shy from the words Commitment, honesty, priority, sacrifice. And flaunt the characteristics of money,... Continue Reading →

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