Eyes Like Snakes

*Disclaimer: this is not directed at any boys in AP Lit. Y’all are actually wonderful.*

Take up the young man’s burden-

Send forth your finest stock,

Best in appearance and silver tongue,

Not in heart or respect or honor.

Men who shy from the words

Commitment, honesty, priority, sacrifice.

And flaunt the characteristics

of money, of prowess, of impervious masculinity.

Young men, boys more like, of words without action.

Take up the young man’s burden-

The weight, the pressure of words without action.

Is it not difficult to maintain half-truths and backless words?

Because, after all, relationships are built on nothing more

Than empty promises and sweet nothings.

Take up the burden of backing down, instead of squaring up,

Of giving up, instead of planting your feet.

After all, broken promises leave no damage.


Take up the young man’s burden-

Dependability, faithfulness are no longer required.

Momentary affection and evanescent priority,

This is the fodder of love.

Send forth young men with wandering eyes,

dismissive glances, and wishy-washy values,

Seeking validation but returning none.

None outside sweet nothings, that is.

Take up the young man’s burden-

So, young men, have tongues of shining silver,

knowing what to say, but not how to do it.

Have mesmerizing eyes of green, eyes like snakes,

That promise one thing but mean another.

Disregard heart and regard only personal gain; be not gentlemen but boys.

Take up the young man’s burden- with empty promises and silver tongues.


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