Dear Younger Me: Passion

Dear younger me,

Passion is infinitely important, my child. And you are so passionate. I can still see you. There is not an animal you don’t think is cute, an essay you don’t love to write, or a flower you can’t find joy in. For all the battles you’ve fought, you have an extravagant passion for life. An extravagance that is Gatsby-worthy, only with more foresight, sense, and humility. A God-given passion.

But this seven letter word is not just an emotion, feeling, or perspective. This word is your destiny.

Passion = Purpose

God created you with a purpose, a passion for something that only you can fulfill through Him. Every breath you take should drip with your passion in pursuit of your purpose. You’ll be lost for a little while, my love. Opportunity and talent and flaky possibility will pull you a million different directions. But love, among its myriad of gifts, amply supplies discernment. You love writing. You love horses. You love people. It’s not easy, but it is simple. The path God is leading me on right now undoubtedly pursues these loves, in His name. That phrase is critical to passion, for we can achieve nothing without God.

Finding this path takes a little time, sweetheart. I feel your confusion and doubt, and your desire to try a hand in nearly everything, everything of a profound nature, anyway. (You were born into the wrong social class for that last one, dear. One expensive college degree at a time). But, really, you know it all along. From the first grade, writing has been your affinity. God reveals it to you in His timing. And thank goodness for this, because His timing makes AP Lit so much better.

You are a committed human, my love, just like all humans. But I see all of the obstacles to your passion.

To follow your passion, you have to want it more

than anything else in life.

Half measures won’t get it done.

Chris Rupp

You have a fire in your jade eyes, and an insatiable heat in the tips of your thoughts. But this fire doesn’t always translate out. Perfectionism, procrastination, cinderblocks that hold you down. Fear. Burdens you were never meant to carry. These apparitions will tell you lies, my child. They go hand-in-hand-in-hand. You fear it won’t be good enough, not perfect, so you are afraid to start, instead waiting on the time when perfection will suddenly materialize. Perfection, or the nearest standard to it, cannot be waited on; it must be sought. Start, my love. Start and do not stop. Start a deeper conversation about more profound things. You love people, and you have a particular, masked aversion to small talk. Get back on; start again. You love horses, and one fitful day does not outweigh the thousand gliding others. Start the sentence. Pen to paper. You have so much to say, and such an eloquent way of saying it. You love writing, and that incessant, inanimate cursor is not mocking you.

There will be fear, sweet one. Fear is wisdom in the face of danger, apprehension in the face of uncertainty. But it should never be powerful enough to cripple you. Not again.

If your dreams don’t scare you,

they’re not big enough.

I have no words for how much you will adore your passions, the sheer joy you glean from your purpose. Those truths, that love, that joy, is not worth sacrificing for fear. You know this. Fear of failure, fear of imperfection, fear of falling short, fear of…

God has defeated fear. Two-thousand years ago on a wooden cross at Golgotha.

On the path to your divine purpose, God is always with you. Fear, failure, imperfection, shortcoming, are insignificant in the brilliant light of God’s glory, ordained through the passion He has instilled in you.

Passion = Purpose = God’s Glory

The pursuit of your passion is your legacy, my love. So pursue it. Start and do not stop.

All my love,

Actions, without words to ignite them,


catch fire.


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