Things That Make You an Adult

Things that make you an adult

(Noted by an only child)


Pepper on your scrambled eggs.

Especially after all of your eighteen childhood years,

insisting to your mother that you do not like pepper.

The design of your first credit card.

Out of, approximately, 144 given options

they expect you to pick ONE?

Your cup of coffee on the bathroom counter while you curl your hair in the morning.

Sometimes accompanied by a piece of buttered toast or bowl of cooled oatmeal,

depending on the number of previous snooze attempts.

The Kroger grocery store when you’re by yourself.

To buy your own food, not the ears of corn and powdered sugar

your mother sent you to get.

Subsequently, your written grocery list.

Including, but not limited to, mac ‘n cheese,

toothpaste, and mini bagels.

The bill on that first credit card.

You know, the card with the snowy mountains on the front,

with a $25 minimum payment each month?

Yeah, that one.


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