I Am the Messenger

I finally got to read over break and it was the most amazing thing ever!! I know I've said this before, but I love books. So much. I did quite a bit of reading over the last two weeks. I finally got to finish I Am the Messenger (my new favorite book in the entire history... Continue Reading →

Most Impactful Book

We've read a lot of great literature this semester, and I'm excited for all the wonderful works we're going to read next semester too. I absolutely love literature and all the books and poems we read, as rough as some of them have been, simply speak to my soul. They are all so exquisite in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9- POV

I decided to write from Heathcliff's point of view, and, taking creative license, fashion the "degrade me to marry him" scene as though Heathcliff did hear the "I love him" part. (Some of us have had this discussion and I think it's plausible.) Degrade her to marry me!? How could she say that, my Cathy,... Continue Reading →

Weather in Wuthering Heights

Throughout Wuthering Heights, weather serves as a twofold symbolism, characterizing the tumultuous physical estate of the Heights, as well as foreshadowing conflicts and events. Upon his first visit to Wuthering Heights, Mr. Lockwood notes the severe "atmospheric tumult to which [the estate] is exposed" (2). This tumult is not only literal weather, as the house is... Continue Reading →

Lockwood’s Dream

I find Lockwood to be sickeningly arrogant with little to contribute to the story other than his haughty opinions and self-proclaimed misanthropy. Though it is because of his curiosity that we get to hear the story of Wuthering Heights from Nelly, so I suppose he does play a role. In addition, his dramatic dreams (I... Continue Reading →

Approaching the Past

So I know Halloween is really close, but I'm going to write this post on the Gatsby prompt anyway. Such a surprise I know. It's not that I don't like Halloween; I've just fallen absolutely in love with The Great Gatsby, and F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing in general. Plus, I've been on a literature kick the... Continue Reading →

Kingsman and Crime and Punishment

I'm so excited it's a free post week, as I can finally write out my comparison of the Kingsman movie and Crime and Punishment. I could honestly write a book of an analysis of the movie itself; it's so good. For those of you who have never seen Kingsman: Secret Service, this post probably won't make any... Continue Reading →

Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is brimming with rich symbolism, archetypes, motifs, and all-around gorgeous literary devices. Everything from typically symbolic aspects, like colors and weather, to usually mundane commonplaces, such as cars and clothing, serve to greatly accentuate the multi-dimensional characters and enduring, elevated themes of Gatsby's tale. One such recurring symbol is the... Continue Reading →

Media Diatribe

There are plenty of social subjects in this world to diatribe about, but a particular one that has caught my attention recently is inconsistency in the media. I realize that there is a lot of back-and-forth material about "fake news" and all of that rich controversy, but that isn't exactly what I'm referring to. I'm... Continue Reading →

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