Moments Our Porch Light Observes

Moments our porch light observes, and we do not:   The American Dagger and White Lichen moths hesitating and fluttering around its dusty glass when I get home from work at 10:33 each night. Fluttering as in to fly away unsteadily and in confused disappointment after the 60-watt bulb has been extinguished. The mother raccoon... Continue Reading →

Things That Make You an Adult

*I interrupt your usually scheduled content (which has been scheduled for months but hasn't been written yet, oops) to bring you pieces of creative nonfiction I am currently playing with in my workshop class (starting now and continuing into the foreseeable future).*   Things that make you an adult (Noted by an only child)  ... Continue Reading →

Lie to me

I tell myself so many lies to live the way I do. You wouldn't believe the sheer number. Or maybe you would. This is my confession. A while back— I couldn't even tell you when— I let the demons in, and they've been here ever since. Roaming through rooms, stashed in dark corners, smiling black... Continue Reading →

Like Pain is Kitsch

There's too much sh*t and not enough words. A Christian college was supposed to be good for my language, edifying I suppose. Ah, well. You know what they say about a "well-placed damn." There's dried blood on these typewriter keys. Let's fix that. I've been away awhile. The bleeding never stopped. Only the words did.... Continue Reading →

Imitation of Bob Hicok

I remember Colorado frequently, Too often maybe. The mediator between the West and the rest Of the states that do not know the difference Between mountains and hills. The namesake of free spirits and old souls To whom the heart whispers: The mountains are calling And I must go.   The settlement of daredevils and... Continue Reading →

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